Responsive Web Design in Leeds

One of the things that you need to make sure you get done right when you are getting your website designed is to ensure that it will work across a variety of platforms. Today mobile devices are a big chunk of the devices used to surf the internet. In order to make your website one that mobile users can enjoy you will have to think in terms of responsive web design. With this kind of design regardless of what device your website is viewed on, it will remain friendly to the user. We are talking about a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and more. When you engage web design in Birmingham you should expect to get this kind of advice in regards to SEO because having a layout that is responsive does indeed increase your website’s chance of doing well with SERPs. Here are some of the reasons why responsive web design works:

  • To begin with, Google really does love it and in fact favors sites that have been optimized for mobile devices. This is especially so if the searches in questions are in regard to local services. In it is a better option, when it comes to SEO, to have one website that has been optimized for mobile users than to work with a different mobile site and another for desktop users. You will be splitting up your traffic which is not a great idea.

  • The other thing you should know as you engage web design in Leeds is that having a responsive website will reduce that high bounce rate suffered by many websites. You may have a website that is ranking well and can be found easily in the search results but once mobile users log in and can’t use it easily, they will simply get off, increasing your bounce rate. Unfortunately, Google looks at this to mean that your site is not offering content that the users find relevant which cause is to drop in rank.

  • As you work your SEO in Birmingham understand that part of the goal is to enhance the user experience. With responsive web design the site is more user friendly. Your visitors will be able to find information quickly and easily, absorb it and then pass it on or share it. With this kind of design, the website is designed with the user in mind. Your mobile visitors need to be able to see everything just as well as your desktop visitors.  

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